Weight Update (Day 34)

I accomplished my personal goal, to blog for the first month of my fitness journey. Now my plan is to do weight, photo and other updates. Now that this is my lifestyle and I don't want to keep telling the same story each day. Today I weighed myself and I am currently down 13 pounds. When I started, I weighed in at 240#'s, now I weigh 227#'s. I am very happy with my pace for losing fat. I am down 13#'s and feeling great. My routine still consists of core, weight training, and cardio. The only changes I have made so far is the cardio machine, I added HIIT every other day and I lift different weights. Below are some pictures of me at the gym.

This is me doing a ball push. Ouch, give it a go!

 Stability ball crunches! Awesome sauce!!!!

 Giving this cardio machine a try for 61 minutes.

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Me Day (Day 30)

Today I have high hopes of finishing out my week strong. My back muscles are on the menu for weight lifting with a side 61 minutes of cardio and a dash of HIIT. For the appetizer I will do core exercises. I think I will get out of bed first and stop thinking about food. I make my way to the kitchen and cook some egg whites with toast. I love this meal. I used to hate meal 1 but today it tastes amazing. When I have my portions of food, they are small compared to free range eating. I offset this by creating illusions with smaller bowls and eat small bites very slow. I also make sure to chew my food until it is unrecognizable. This way I can enjoy my food even thought the portion is smaller than what I would eat on cheat days.

Last night I prepared a great chicken dish. I took some chicken breast, with onion, garlic, peppers and apple. I then coupled it with rice. When I finished cooking this meal, I put it in a Ziploc container and stuck it in the refrigerator. I didn't even get to eat any of it. I already had my meal while I was cooking so this is for today. I made a couple of my meals today this delicious dish.

Today is not going to plan. I had high hopes of making it to the gym today. I don't think I will go. I am not talking myself out of going. I don't even feel like I am being lazy, even though I'm not going to the gym. Today I just feel like I need to rest my body. I know that I have a weekend coming up, but for some reason I need to call in sick. I don't feel bad for not going because this is a decision of need not want. I will still have my weekend and continue like normal but today I will not be going to the gym. The thing I always remember is resting is just as important as working. Not overdoing it will make the workouts better in the long run. Sometimes the rest comes unannounced and I need a me day.

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Photo Update (Day 29)

I wake up this morning and still feel like a cheese puff. I love lifting weights but hate it when I first start. The water retention I am experiencing right now is making me feel like the Marshmallow Man. I know that the "swelling/retention" will go down when I become more accustomed to my lifting routine. I start my disciplined eating, cardio, etc and see a little change. Then I pick up weight lifting again and bam, I feel like I am going backwards. This is a temporary thing and it just comes with the territory. That is why I call it my Ugly Duckling stage. Soon my body will be more efficient at recovery and this water will flush out. This retention is just another reason I do not weigh very often. Consider, a gallon of water weighs about 8#'s. With 128 ounces in a gallon, it doesn't take many 16 ounce glasses of retained water to make you weigh more. The scale is my tool, not my guide. 

Below is my photo update. What do you think?

Day 1 - Today:

Day 1 - Last Week - Today:

Day 1 - Day 8 - Day 15 - Day 22 - Today: 

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HIIT It Hard (Day 28)

Where to start. Yesterday I felt like a poop, today I feel a bit less that way but not perfect. I think the source of my mood stems from my body being in a constant state of recovery. I started lifting weights last week, and this week I am back to lifting again. Just like the cardio, my body will become more efficient at recovering. It is just a matter of time, I will feel like my old self again. I want to jump out of bed but my shoulders are a little stiff and prevent abrupt movement first thing in the morning. I know one thing, I will be stretching my shoulders after meal 1. I am out of eggs, bad preparing on my part, so oatmeal is what I am eating. When I finish meal 1 I will be going to Sam's Club to pick up some much needed foods. 
We get to Sam's Club and start shopping for all the food we need. I have a love/hate relationship with Sam's Club. We only buy foods that we eat all of what is purchased. If it's a good deal but we waste half of it because it spoils, then it's better not to buy the bulk. While I am here I will be buying some green tea in bulk. This stuff is great for speeding up your metabolism a little. It isn't a magic drink and I will not replace hard work with tea but every little bit helps. 

When I get back home, it's time for meal 2. I eat chicken breast and bread. I make a little sandwich and shove it in my face.

It is now time to get ready for the gym and I need to eat again. I am not looking forward to going today because I will be doing something a little bit different. I finish eating, then head to the gym. I arrive and head to my corner where I do my core exercises. The first exercise on the list is the ball push, I do this 20 times and it feels great. I repeat 3 more times. Next is the plank, I hold this as long as I can, then count to 20. That way I know I pushed myself. I am finished with the plank, I grab a stability ball and proceed with crunches. I do 20 rest for 20 seconds then do 20 more. I repeat 5 times. That was a little painful and got my blood pumping. Now it's time to go move heavy objects over and over again from point A to B. 

I head over to the flat bench and load some weight on the bar. I lay down, pick the bar off the stand, drop it to my chest then press it back up again. I repeat this 10 times, for 3 sets. I have a little trouble with the weight at first because my anterior delts are tired along with my triceps. With those two muscle groups tired, my chest doesn't get much help picking the bar up. I struggle some, but it felt good. Next I move to an inclined bench, grab a couple heavy dumbbells then I start the incline chest press. I am really digging deep to push these things up. Now that I have dumbbells instead of a bar, each side must do all the work by itself. If my left arm gets tired, my right arm can't help like it can with a bar. I do 3 sets of incline chest press then head over to the cables. Now I will do single arm, standing chest fly. This is so hard, the motion of the exercise is trying to rotate my body while I am trying to do a chest fly. I finish up with my chest exercises then head to cardio. 

Today for cardio I will be introducing an old friend, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT is an old favorite I would do, and I also have my advanced clients do. HIIT is a 1 on 1 off type of cardio training, intervals. For example, sprint for :45 seconds rest for :15 seconds or jog for :30 seconds then walk for :30 seconds etc. Everyone is different and has different goals. I have seen many formulas for HIIT but my favorite way is 1 on 1 off intervals. I hop on the treadmill, hit the quick start button and walk at 3.0 for 1 minute. At the 1 minute mark I hit the 6 mph button and jog for 1 minute. After a minute of jogging, I walk for a minute and so on. I repeat this 25 times. I could die right here on this treadmill. I have 11 minutes left and will spend that time walking at 3.5 m.p.h. The last 11 minutes is a cool down and I need to complete my 61 minute session. My heart is in better condition so I have to add a little spice to my cardio in order to get my heart rate up. If you are looking for something new or you want to shake up your cardio, add HIIT to your day. I promise it will make you happy!

I get home from the gym, it's time to eat. I need to cut the grass. A little more cardio never hurt anyone. To cut the grass I have to walk behind a mower and my yard requires about 2 hours of pushing the mower around. I start it up and get to pushing. Mowing grass is a good way to burn a few more calories. I finish cutting the lawn now I can eat again. I make up a chicken veggie meal. This is onions, peppers, broccoli and a splash of olive oil. No spices or anything salty. When I finish making this meal, we all eat it, then I pack up the remaining for tomorrow. 
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Bloated Baby (Day 27)

I start off this day feeling bloated and overweight. I love cheat day, but I hate post cheat day. I spend all day feeling like every bottle of water I drink is retained somewhere in my body. I have little to no salt all week, then on cheat day the foods I choose to eat are likely to be salty. That's fine by me because the risk to benefit ratio is great. Consume salty but yummy foods, sounds good to me. I feel bloated and unhealthy but I don't feel too sore. My legs still have a slight hum to them letting me know I worked them really well but not sore. I will stretch them all day today so I don't have any trouble with my cardio later. I get out of bed, time to eat.

When I get to the kitchen, the only thing that sounds good for meal 1 is oatmeal. I finish eating my meal in what feels like 3 bites then I drink down a full Nalgene bottle.

I am not interested in going to the gym today or being fit for that matter. I feel like all the work has been wasted and I have lost so much ground in one day. These horrible feelings and laziness tell me that I had a successful cheat day! I think the other thing I'm dealing with is the 1 month mopes. The 1 month mark is tuff for me. I call it my ugly duckling stage of weight loss. I have no defined body right now. When I started I was unhappy with my body. Now my goal is to be a lean machine. I am stuck in the middle of that. I am happy with the progress so far but unhappy with the current condition. 

When I change my body, I always have a new goal after I accomplish one. If I don't have a goal at all times, I will get the "good enough" bug. Example, say I want to have a 6 pack. I work really hard, acquire this 6 pack. What now? I don't quit working out, or eating right. I need a new goal to build on the last one. Otherwise I will become complacent and revert to my old ways. This is a lifestyle change, not a temporary change. 

It is finally time to go the gym and I am looking for any excuse not to go. Anything will work. I eat my meal, then head out the door. This is what I chose to do, now I must go. I get to the gym and mosey on in. The pace I am walking at is not urgent. I am hoping to avoid going inside, by walking slower. 

I get inside and head to my corner and start my core exercises. The plank goes great, I have progressed it a little by picking up one foot. This puts a nice strain on the midsection. I repeat this on both legs, then do the exercise 3 times. Next, I spend a little time stretching. I want to do this since last week was my first weight training week and today is my first day back. I finish stretching out then head to the dumbbells. 

Today is shoulders and I plan to make them sore. My first exercise is going to be a single arm, standing, dumbbell shoulder press. I start with my right arm then my left arm. This is one set, I repeat 3 times. Next is single arm, standing, arnies. This is brutal, I think I cry a little bit. The first exercise exhausted my shoulders and triceps, now the arnies are kicking them while they are down. I do 3 sets of this then move to lateral raises. The lateral raises are nice, painful and burn like hell. When I finish 3 sets of this, I do 3 sets of front raises. I think that will do but I want to do a few sets of dumbbell shrugs. I grab a set of dumbbells and do 3 sets of shrugs. Wow, these shrugs are no fun at all. Now that I am finished I head to the treadmill for my 61 minutes of fame.

I decide it is time for a new treadmill, one with a t.v. that has sound. Watching t.v. helps me finish my treadmill session. I get hooked on a show, then my hour and minute go by very quick. I find a new treadmill, hop on, push the quick start button. I think I will watch Top Gear on BBC. It has only been 3 minutes into my session and my legs are starting to hurt. I need to stretch. I pause, stretch then continue. I had to repeat this stretching a few times and the pain eventually goes away. I finish my 61 minutes and can't wait to leave. When I leave, I still feel kinda blah. I think I am just having one of those days. Never mind how I felt today, I still went to the gym and ate my meals. Mission accomplished!

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Cheat Day at Grandma's House(Day 26)

I want to start off today telling you how much my legs hurt. The second day is always more painful. I am so glad today is cheat day. I don't really have much to talk about, but I do have a lot to share. This was a great cheat day! All day I ate, here are a few pictures of what was consumed.

 This is the spread for breakfast!

Here is my plate! Yummy.

A little snack of chips and taco dip!

I can officially say I have eaten every flavor Jelly Belly.

 This is how we finished our day. Reese's Blizzard with an Iron Man 3 movie.

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Leg Stilts (Day 25)

My legs hurt something fierce. That is the first thought I have when I wake up. My legs hurt all night. What a terrible night sleep. This is why I hate leg day, all those muscles screaming all night. Complaining about how much it hurts. Good news is they will hurt even more tonight when DOMS kicks in. My morning starts off slow, and walking is overrated at the moment.

I eat my meal for the morning. I am ready for my cheat day. I will have to wait until tomorrow. I get out some chicken so I can prepare my meals for the day. I have no idea what direction I want to go with this chicken. All I know is I want it to be healthy and absent of salt. I cut up some onion, lemon, crush a little garlic, seasonings and bake it up. Next I prepare some rice. When it is finished I am a little nervous it will taste bad. The good thing is while eating clean and disciplined, everything tastes good. So my sense of yummy is distorted. I make a portion and it tastes really good. I eat then portion out the remaining for later.

The weather is very nice today and a walk is a great idea. Before we go, I make myself a pb&j sandwich. I know my meal time will come along while we are out. Eating every two hours I am destined to eat while I am away from the house. We load up the kids, get their car and bike in the van, then head to the park. It is a perfect day for a walk all except my legs feel like they are made of lead. We start walking and part of the way into the walk I have to ask Sam, "are we walking fast?" She tells me, "yes, why?" Well, I can't feel my legs. It's as if I am walking on stilts. This sore, tight, miserable feeling tells me I did a great job yesterday. Hat's off to a successful leg day. Tomorrow is cheat day and I couldn't be more ready to stuff my face!

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Anniversary Dinner (Day 24)

Yesterday was my anniversary. Four years ago I married the woman of my dreams. I am truly blessed. To marry my best friend is such an amazing feeling. We tell each other Happy Anniversary before starting our day.

Yesterday I felt pretty good, although my biceps and triceps felt like they had shattered glass crunching around inside them. My back, chest, and shoulders were still sore. Nothing to really note, but I could tell I worked them hard. Yesterday was leg day. Leg day for me is a hate relationship. I hate doing my legs, simple as that. They are big muscle groups that haunt me when I finish. When I finish my chest workout I can avoid bench pressing for a few days. When I finish my arms I avoid curling items for a bit but after I work out my legs, I am forced to use them constantly. Walking, stairs, sitting and other leg type activities. I can forget about other sore muscles but sore legs remind you constantly how much they hurt. I only work my legs 1 day a week, but when I do I kill them.

I finished my first meal and all I could think about was how my legs are on the menu at the gym. I am not at all interested in going. My upper body hurt, I may as well hurt the rest of my body.

When I got to the gym I had to hype myself up a little. Legs require a ton of energy and I didn't have any. I start off with my core exercise. I only did a couple to conserve energy. I did plank 3 times, followed by crunches on a ball holding a 10 pound kettle bell over my head. When I finished doing the core exercises I head over to the squat rack. This is going to suck!

I adjust the rack to a height that I can comfortably pick the bar up. Then I load it up with weights. When I finish that, I put a bench a little bit behind me so I can touch my butt to it. Now, I put the bar on my shoulders, bend my elbows in a clean grip to hold the bar in place. Time to front squat. I squat down, touch my butt to the bench and back up I go. I repeat this 10 times for 4 sets. Wow, my legs are already trashed. Time to put everything away then move on to my next exercise. I did machine exercises after this to prevent back injury. I know my back got tired from the front squats, time to get on some machine exercises. I head over to the 45 degree leg press. I load this up, then press. As soon as I finish the set of leg press. I put my feet at the base of the sled's pad then do calf raises. OUCH! I repeat this 3 times, get up, clean up, then hobble to the next machine. The next machine I go to is a leg extension machine. I set it all up then do 3 sets of extensions. What pain I am in right now. I don't mean call 911 pain, I mean amazing muscle shredding pain. If you love lifting weights this feeling is an addiction, if you hate lifting weights then everything I feel right now is a hellish emergency. When I finish this torture machine, I move to the prone leg curl machine. This is my last workout for the day before cardio. I set it up, curl my legs, feel like vomiting all over the floor, then repeat 2 more times. I have finished lifting weights, my legs are toast. I am walking like I just got hit by a bus holding on to things to keep from falling. I did not injure myself, I pushed my muscles to failure. They do not want to work for me right now. Welcome to my leg day.

The best part about finishing is I don't have to lift anything else with my legs. The worst part is I still have a treadmill waiting for me. I noodle leg my way to the treadmill, check my shoelaces then hit the quick start button. It took me about 10 minutes for my legs to feel somewhat normal. The timer reads 30 minutes and I really just want to go home. I continued watching Saturday Night Live with Justin Timberlake. This helped me get past the last 31 minutes of my cardio. I don't really remember doing it, but I do remember when I finished. The timer hits 61, and I hit STOP! When I get off the treadmill, my legs go back to having their pity party and I hobble out of the gym.

On my way home I stop at Ulta and pick up a little gift for my wife. We said no presents but I can't resist getting her the Marc Jacobs Honey perfume. This stuff smells amazing and she loves it so much. I have to get it for her. I don't have any wrapping paper in the car, so I stuff it in a sweatshirt. When I get home I tell her my sweatshirt has a stain on it. She can't help herself but look then when she picks it up, out falls the perfume. I wish I could surprise her everyday, she is just the cutest thing in the world.

Last night we had a date night/anniversary night. We went to dinner and I planned to eat a nice meal. Yesterday wasn't my cheat day but it was my anniversary. Some things are more important than eating disciplined. It is possible to stay somewhat on an eating plan while out to dinner. I just have to make the right choices. The place we go to is very nice, I am excited to eat. I ordered the Salmon with rice, salad with ranch and water to drink. This salmon is amazing, the rice is delicious and the asparagus is great. We finished and it is time to get desert. Should I get desert? Of course! It's my anniversary. We ordered the brownie with ice cream. WOW, this is so good. Sometimes even on a disciplined diet you have to make an exception and not feel bad about it. When I am in control of how I eat, I don't feel guilty. Last night I was in control, it was also a special night. I chose to eat what I wanted and loved every minute of it.

 Sam's dinner!
Halibut, Rice, Asparagus.

 My Dinner!
Salmon, Rice, Asparagus.

Our Desert!
Brownie, ice cream, passion.

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New Shoes(Day 23)

I don't want to get out of bed today. I am very sore from the weight training I started this week. My shoulders are sore to the point I can't really pick up my arms. My chest is sore making it hard to push myself out of bed. My back hurts, not traditional back pain, this is good. I'm having the best morning with my muscle soreness. When I am sore, I know I made my muscles work hard. I can't wait to get to the gym today so I can work my arms too.

I get out of bed and eat my first meal. I eat meal 1, then get ready to leave the house. We have a few errands to run. Before we go I pack a sandwich. I know we will be gone for a while and meal time will arrive while we are out.  I am in need of new shoes badly. The shoes I own now are a bit tired and ready for retirement. They are Skechers and I have owned them forever. They have lasted so well. I think I will keep them around to cut the grass, but they will no longer go with me to the gym. We go to J.C. Penney in hopes to find a good deal on a nice pair of shoes. I look around a little trying to find a pair to try on. They don't carry many sizes? I asked the person working and each time he said "sorry we don't have it in that size/color." I hope I can find a pair of shoes here? I try a pair of New Balance, they have my size and the fit is nice. I buy them then we head home.

We get home, I eat my next meal then get ready for the gym. Today is going to be biceps and triceps. This makes me nervous because my arms already hurt. Pain comes with a fitness lifestyle, so be it. I head to the gym. 

Great, it's raining and cold while I walk into the gym. Not motivating at all, now I am cold and wet. I get inside and head to my corner. Funny how after 3 weeks I already have my own corner and treadmill. What a great gym! I start off with a plank, hold it until I want to collapse then I count to 20 very slow. When I finish counting I collapse, wait 30 seconds, and repeat this 3 times. Next I do 3 sets of quadruped opposite arm and leg raise. This feels good and my balance is much better than it was a few weeks ago. I don't feel as wobbly as I did the first time doing this exercise. I finish up, then head to the weights. 

I grab some dumbbells to do 3 sets of curls. My biceps are still in pain from yesterday's back routine. I know I can't stop even though I really want to. I must keep going.  I do 3 sets of curls. Now thats completed I think to myself, "you should run the rack." This is not fun at all. It is a series of drop sets down to empty hands at 5 pound increments. I repeat the run the rack series 3 times. What a bitter sweet idea that was. I complete this and my arms feel like softballs. When I had advanced clients do this routine, I would hand them a piece of gum. If they could put it in their mouth easily we would run the rack again. I can't touch my nose, my biceps are toast. I love it when I do a bicep routine and it leaves me unable to touch my face. Some call it torture and I too call it torture but I know they got a good work out.  Now I have to do my triceps. No sense in having big biceps, with weak sauce triceps. At this point I am starting to feel fatigued. I need to do more weights, and still have to do my cardio. Now I must dig deep to press on. I start with skull crushers for 3 sets. They feel like rubber bands in my arms going PLINK each time I do a rep. This is going to be tuff, plus I am starting to feel tired. Next, I grab a rubber end rope and work on 3 sets of pull downs. This burns so bad I could cry a little. The last set I drop the weight to near nothing then change my tempo to 3-1-3. This tempo made the weight feel like a million pounds. I am finished for now, off to the treadmill. 

I make my way to the treadmill ready to break in my new shoes by walking on a treadmill for 61 minutes. I grab my iPhone to change the music and it shows 6% battery. Really? I need to charge my phone before I come here because it will probably die during this session. I hit the quick start on the treadmill and get my 61 minute session started. The music is rocking, my legs feel a little sore, my feet feel great. 20 minutes into this session and my battery dies. Bam, just like that with no warning at all. I guess it would be weird if your phone interrupted you right before the battery is exhausted, "IM GOING TO DIE!" While on a treadmill walking  I need stimulation. I am unable to walk for 40 more minutes without music or tv because this treadmill has no sound and I have no music. I must move from my favorite machine to another. I hop off my machine and go to another. Separation anxiety sets in and I compare this machine to my machine. This new machine is wobbly, crooked, and not as smooth. I already miss my treadmill. Now to get the mental stimulation I need finish the remaining 41 minutes.  I plug my headphones in and start watching Hells Kitchen. I am surprised that I actually enjoy watching tv over music. I am able to get caught up in the show instead of thinking "this song is good/this song sucks." The final 41 minutes on this machine is sailing by with one exception. I am unable to maintain my THR with previous methods. I have to increase the speed to 3.7 from 3.5 and increase the incline to 4.5%. I also remind myself constantly to stop holding on. It is more difficult to walk with your hands to your side. All of these small changes gets my THR back where I want it. At this rate I will be jogging soon to maintain the same level of work I am currently achieving.

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Photo Update (Day 22)

Last night, Sam suggested that I spray tan for my photos. 
Spray tan? Sure, sounds fun. I ask her what I have to do first. Take a shower and scrub off really well with an exfoliant. I am all scrubbed off, she tells me to rub a lotion type stuff all over my body. This lotion is VersaSpa SunlessPro Pre Tan Intensifier. It smells pleasant and rubs in very easily. I wish I could get a lotion made of this stuff. Next is the spraying part. She grabs the VersaSpa SunlessPro Tanning Bronzer spray and applies it all over my body with a very light mist. It feels like she isn't putting enough on, she said that is how you do it. A little goes a long way with instant noticeable tan. As soon as she finishes spraying it, I already look like I just returned form a tropical vacation. Amazing, it doesn't stink and I already look tan. I think this could be my new obsession. I don't have to lay in the hot sun, risk cancer to look tan, I'm hooked instantly. I wait about 15 minutes for it to dry completely, then I put on a loose shirt to wear in bed.

Now it's morning and all I can think about is how my tan looks. I hope it didn't smudge, smear, drip or get ruined in any way. I hop out of bed, take off my shirt, look in the mirror. WOW! I am darker than last night. Awesome! This tan skin will look much better in my photos.

I ask Sam if she will snap a couple of photos for todays photo update. We are excited to get them taken, loaded and compared side by side. I really want to see the difference so far and pictures are a great way to do that.

We finish with the pictures, time to load them in the computer. I start loading them and head to the kitchen to eat. I can't stop thinking about how I hope I look different. I don't want to work this hard for nothing.

My shoulders are sore from the shoulder routine on Monday. My chest is tight and swollen. I love the aftermath of a good day in the gym. Sore, swollen, tight muscles. It is a feeling I have been looking forward to feeling again.

I am eating my meal 4, before heading to the gym. Since I started my resistance training with more intensity on Monday, I need to figure out if I want to work my legs today. Leg day is brutal, it takes a lot out of you. Leg day also makes your legs hurt pretty bad. I used to do my legs on Wednesday, to break up my upper body routine. I think I will do legs on Friday from now on. My reason for this is I am not really interested in my legs hurting while I punch out 60 minutes on a treadmill 3 more times after training them. If I do my legs on Friday, that will leave me with 1 day of cardio remaining and 2 days of recovery. I finish my meal, then head to the gym.

I am at the gym, ready to get to work! I love days like this, everything is just grooving. I start off in my corner doing core exercises. A small circuit is the plan. First a plank, then side raises, crunches on a ball, followed by ball push. Every exercise went very well. The plank is hard and always will be. If it gets easy, I will hold it longer. The side raises where good, but I need to do a few stretches to get this to work better. The crunches and ball push are hard today. My abs are shredded to bits. Time for resistance training.

I make my way to the assisted pull up machine and set an appropriate weight to help me get 3 difficult sets of pull ups. When I finish I go to the lat pull down using a wide bar. Next, narrow grip pull down, followed by 3 sets of cable low row then 3 sets of dumbbell rows. I'm finished here, time to do cardio. I want to go home and eat. I head over to the treadmill, but I have to pee.

The machine is clear and I have to pee. What do I do? If I pee I run the risk of someone taking my treadmill. If I don't pee, this will be an even longer hour. I need to do my cardio and be comfortable doing it. I choose not to pee, I would rather have my treadmill. I arrive at my treadmill, check my shoes, and hit the quick start. Right away I feel like a rockstar. This is one of those good days. I am in the zone and ready for this hour. I listen to a little music, drink a little water and walk. The timer says 50 minutes already, this has been a breeze today. "Why not do 61 minutes?" What? Fine, looks like I am going to 61 minutes now. I pushed myself to 60, now for some reason I think it is a good idea to add another minute. The last 11 minutes go by really well, my heart rate is great and I still feel good. I am lucky to only add 1 minute. I will probably complain about this added minute tomorrow.

What do you think of the photos?

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Pretty Good (Day 21)

 It has been 3 weeks since I started my journey. I still have ups and down but being consistent is key. This morning I feel pretty good. Yesterday I didn't feel so good, but pulled through it. Today should be a little easier. I got back into my routine and feel better. I slept great and feel ready to go. I am a little sore from the shoulder routine I did yesterday, but nothing I can't handle. I didn't push it too hard yesterday but I know in another day I will start to feel it more. I want to get this day going. I start off with food in my belly.

The day is progressing ok, but I'm starting to fade a little bit. The only thought on my mind now is "weekend please hurry here!" I don't really have a reason to rest yet, I have only been back a day. The thought still spins in my mind reminding me of how long I have to wait to be lazy. I am so amazed at how often my body throws little digs in, trying to get me back to my old ways. It seems that I have an internal battle going on. I need to constantly tell myself, "get up and do it."

It is time to head to the gym. I still don't feel very motivated but I get up and head out. I know that the gym will make me feel better than I do now.

I get to the gym, plan in hand and get started. I start off with plank, side raises then ball pushes. I repeat this 4 times. The plank went great, but the side raises hurt pretty bad. I could feel my obliques and hips burning pretty bad. This will require more work and repetition. I am finished with my corner work outs, time for resistance training.  Today I will do my chest muscles. I like to split up my routine into body groups and today is chest day. I start off with bench press and do 3 sets. The first set felt strong. I think I should add a little more weight. I do the second set, have no problems except I am feeling muscle fatigue already. I keep the weight, do the third set and it is a little bit of a struggle. The weight feels good, I am suffering from tired muscles. Now to grab dumbbells and do 3 sets of incline press. My muscles are already tired from the flat bar bench press. I don't know how well I will do on this. I grab lighter weights to maintain form. My chest muscles are on fire and it feels great. I do 3 sets at this lighter weight, slow and controlled. I finish this, I go over to the cable machine. I grab a handle, put it about chest high then do single arm, standing chest fly. This is brutal! It makes you work your core, by fighting the rotation against the fly movement. What a great workout. I repeat this 3 times for each side. Now that I have finished. It is time for my least favorite thing, cardio.

The treadmill is available so I make my way over to it. I stretch my legs before I start. I am not looking forward to this 60 minute session.  I finish stretching my legs,  hit the quick start button. As soon as I hit that button, a sigh comes out. "60 minutes!" I am going to be here forever. The time is actually going by at a nice pace. The 30 minute mark comes and goes,  I am half way home! The 60 minute mark hits, that was actually easier than yesterday. To think I thought 51 minutes was hard. The music was good, legs felt good, everything went smoothly.  I finish up and head home.

When I get home, I just want to eat. While I am eating, I can't help but think about the photos I will be taking tomorrow. I hope that I am able to see results. Like I have said before, I don't care too much about the scale. I want to see results in the mirror. I am excited and nervous about tomorrow's photo comparison. I hope I look different than I did last week. I sure feel different!

Thanks for reading


Time For A Change (Day 20)

Waking up today, I have mixed emotions about the gym. In one hand, I want to go to the gym to continue with my progress and continue with my lifestyle change. On the other hand, I feel like I am back at day 1, gained all my fatness back, lost my endurance. I really have no desire to go back to the gym today. I am aware of the "need to have positive thoughts" thing but right now I just want to quit. I feel it is only natural to be lazy, a body loves to be efficient, and wasting calories lifting weights and walking on a treadmill is a waste of energy. That's what my body thinks. Well guess what, I want to feel healthier, so body, you are not in charge today. I get off my unmotivated bum, crawl out of bed and slowly move to the kitchen.

Meal 1 will be Cheerios today. They don't require any work and I can eat right away. I eat my meal, and feel unimpressed with how I feel. I NEED to get back into the gym. This way I can feel a sense of physical accomplishment. The gym is my zen, and I need to go relax. Before I can go I have to talk with my insurance agent. This meeting will fall during meal 2 I will be packing a couple of those yummy Kind Plus bars with me. I head to the meeting.

When I return home, it is already time to eat again. I have chicken and rice with a dash of hot sauce. The chicken and rice have no taste, so a dash of hot sauce gives it nice flavor.  I don't feel as hungry. I think I am adapting to either the eating plan or the sensation of hunger. Either way, I continue to be disciplined.

Time to head to the gym.

I'm on my way to the gym thinking about the amount of time I spend on the treadmill. I am tired of chasing the 60 minute mark. I feel like I have to add minutes to my 51, and someday I will arrive at the 60 minute mark. The 60 minute mark is my goal at the moment. A minute at a time added is working good, but I think I would rather add to the 60 minutes, then chase it. What a great idea, I make my new treadmill time 60 minutes per day. Shaking my head and still driving to the gym. I stop thinking about what I can do, before I create more work for myself.

I finally get to the gym, this week I am starting a new routine. For the past few weeks, I have been working on core strength, flexibility and cardio. Now, I get to do what I love the most. PUMP IRON! I love resistance training the most. I head over to my corner and start off with my core exercises. I start with the plank. I can hold this for quite a while and feel pretty good about it. I have no shaking, or tightness at all. I then jump over to the stability ball and do crunches, 20 of them, slow and controlled. Next is the quadruped opposite arm leg raise, with a side raise. I repeat all four of the exercise one after another, take break, then repeat 4 times. This felt good, but I am ready for some resistance training.

I head over to the Smith machine and do 3 sets of military press. I will not start off heavy or anything, I don't want to hurt my joints, ligaments, or tendons. I want to be sure they get a chance to change with me, not be shocked by a heavy repetitive movement. The exercise feels great. It feels good to be pumping iron again. I just love the pumped feeling muscles get. I also enjoy how they feel after a good workout. The soreness is painful, but you know it is from doing something good. Once I finish this press, I grab a couple of modest weight dumbbells, do 3 sets of Arnie dumbbell presses. My next exercise is a shoulder front raise, then a lateral raise. This is all I will do for resistance training today, eventually I will do more but I don't want to hurt my joints with shock, or be too sore to continue throughout the week. Time for my least favorite part of the gym, cardio.

I head over to the treadmill and notice someone is on it again. I must be selling it really well to everyone or I just have good taste in treadmills. Maybe this person is almost finished, I will get some water and hope they get off my machine. While filling up my Nalgene bottle, I see the thief get off.  I must hurry up so I can get my machine before someone else snags it. Come on water bottle, you never take this long to fill up. I am freed from the water fountain, and quickly walk over to the treadmill that has my name on it.

I climb on, my first thought "60 minutes,  way to go!" Ok, I can do this, but first I must make sure my shoes are perfectly tied and the laces are put away. I do not want them slapping me in the leg. Laces secure, headphones in place, let's do this. I hit quick start and set my pace. The settings are, 3.5mph with an incline of 4.0%. When I first started on the treadmill, my numbers where 3.3mph @ 3%. The need for the increase in speed and incline is to maintain my THR. As I get in "better shape" my body is requiring more work to get the same heart rate. This is a good sign, my heart is getting in shape too.

I watch the timer and it is ticking heavy. I think this will be the longest hour of my life. 30 minutes hits. I am fading fast, I just want to get off and leave. I find myself holding on tightly to the handles, helping support my body weight. Guess what? I am not walking on a treadmill for 60 minutes to relax. Quit holding on and work harder. The 51 minute mark has finally come along. I feel like I have been walking on this treadmill forever, pushing out 51 minutes, to struggle with the last 9 minutes. I am so uncomfortable right now but I will accomplish this. The last 9 minutes took longer than the first 51. Timer reads 60 minutes, I hit stop and slither off. The display prompts me to cool down for 5 minutes, NO THANK YOU! I am not interested in a cool down.
I don't have to like cardio, I just have to do it.

When I leave the gym, I feel so much better. My mixed feelings I had this morning are no longer mixed. I am focused, energized and ready to keep going. I didn't start this, to quit. It will only get harder but the rewards are worth it.

Thanks for reading


Ready To Go Back(Day 19)

I slept terrible last night. It has to do with how I ate yesterday, but it was totally worth it. I am ready to get up and get back to my disciplined eating again. Cheat days are great but I can really feel a difference. I eat healthy and sleep good, I eat terrible and sleep the same. Time to get out of bed and eat meal 1. I scramble up some egg whites, make 2 slices of toast and fill up my Nalgene water bottle. I'm not very hungry this morning, probably due to eating what I wanted yesterday.

I will not be going to the gym today, Saturday and Sunday are always my days off. I will be back at it tomorrow but today I plan to do a little stretching. When I stretch at home, I just stretch my body all day. In the shower, while watching tv, during meals etc. Right now I am stretching my hamstrings while I watch the kids play with this collapsable tunnel that my daughter got for her birthday. Sam dares me to crawl through it. Why not, I have been exercising I can crawl to the other side of a kids tunnel. Lucky for me, I have been doing the plank and my mid section is a lot stronger. I am able to keep myself up, then I push inch by inch. If I had not been doing the plank, I think I would of taken a break in the middle of the tube. Exercising is paying off already!

Time for meal 3, I will eat the chicken I prepared yesterday along with some rice and a splash of hot sauce. This meal repeats itself often throughout my diet. Sometimes, I will change out the rice with sweet potato, or whole wheat pasta etc. I feel hungry by the time I can eat this meal, I want to eat 10 more portions. Unfortunately, what I have allocated is all I get. Now I watch the clock and wait until the next meal.

We have a bunch of veggies that need to be eaten before they go off.  My favorite way to eat veggies is mixed up, so I make a sort of medley. This will consist of onion, garlic, egg plant, zucchini, carrot, red peppers, orange peppers, yellow peppers, celery, chives and kale. I am cutting everything up and putting them in based on cooking time. Somethings cook longer, so they go in first. I finish cooking just in time for meal 6/dinner. Sam has it for dinner and I have it with my chicken.

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Happy chEAT Day! (Day 18)

First thought when I wake up, "what do I want to eat?" 
Today will be my cheat day, usually it's on Sunday but today is my daughters birthday party. Part of my eating today will be cake. I have been looking forward to a cheat day and today will be perfect. During my cheat day, I still eat every couple hours and drink plenty of water. The difference, I can eat as much of whatever I want. I try to focus on eating things I have been craving. This way I reward myself for being so disciplined the other 6 days of the week.  The key here is to cheat, have fun and eat whatever I want.

First thing is Meal 1 and it is the same as I always have, I just add extra butter to the toast along with jelly, turkey to the eggs and a nice big cup of coffee. The jelly is amazing, this is going to be an epic cheat day. Now to help Sam prepare our house for the birthday party.

My next meal is oatmeal, I just love this oatmeal. I think it is the best tasting stuff on earth. I need to cut the grass. I guess no matter how hard I try, I will do some sort of exercise today. I get outside, grab my 21" push mower and off I go. I  keep a good pace, if the grass must be cut, I should get some exercise from it. All the cardio I have been doing makes cutting the grass easier. I am able to keep a strong steady pace the entire time with out slowing down. Amazing, walking on a treadmill for 51 minutes, 5 days a week made my lawn cutting ability improve. I finish cutting my grass, which takes about an hour of steady pushing a mower. This is cardio I didn't plan for today, but I will take it.

Sam is an amazing party planner, she has so many ideas and great decorations. This is going to be such a cute party. The party starts and we have all kinds of great food, company and the kids are all having so much fun. I plan to eat my heart out. Meal 3, where to start? I think I will start at the croissant covered weenies, move to the pizza, with a side of chicken nuggets dipped in Ranch dressing. I think next will be a handful of cupcakes and a pink paper cup full of pink lemonade. Now that the first course is complete, let's dive into this ice cream cake. I cut it for everyone it is only fair to eat my fair share. The ice cream cake is a cookies and cream cake in the shape of a cupcake. I help myself, two pieces will do. I think I will have another cupcake, why not? I have no idea how many chicken nuggets, pizza slices, incredible little cupcakes and candy I ate. A Minnie Mouse head full of candy, don't mind if I do. I find a few pieces of candy and stuff those in my face. I don't care, it's a cheat day. One day a week, 4 days a month being a piggy will not hurt my progress. In the past it has always helped me stay on course. Otherwise, I would just give up and have a guilty cheat day. This way I am in control and give myself a cheat day.

The party is over, everyone has left. It has been close to 2 hours since I last ate like a king. I am hungry again. I find more oatmeal and devour a nice bowl of this amazing stuff. During the week I want to eat it all day, today I will.

I ate everything I wanted to eat today, but I must say something, I feel terrible. Every time I have ever had a cheat day, I eat everything I want and always feel lousy afterwards. I don't feel guilty, or upset I let myself go. This is an intentional day, I plan to eat everything in sight. What I am talking about is the foods I put in my body today make my stomach feel very ill compared to what I eat during the week. During the week I feel light, healthy and energetic. Now I feel like a salty, sweaty, bloated mess. I prefer to feel healthy, until next cheat day.

Thanks for reading


Shave My What? (Day 17)

Today starts off with a desire to replace my phone. My iPhone that I currently have is shattered on both sides. I have replaced the camera, battery, and it just stopped making calls. I can't hear anyone and they can't hear me. I think it is time to get a new phone/pocket computer. The iPhone 5S is released today so maybe I will go to the store after I finish my meal 1. If I get there when they open, I have a better chance of getting one. We do live in a small town and it is a new iPhone so I need to get there early.

When I get there a couple minutes after they open, they are already busy. Great, I drive all the way down here and will leave without a new phone. I go inside, let them know what I am looking to do. The person goes in back, and comes out with a new iPhone. I am told that this is one of of the last two remaining. That's a relief, I really don't want to come here again to get a silly phone. We finish up and I head back home.

Back home, Sam and I talk about how nice this weather is. We should go for a walk. We grab a loaf of bread and head to a great place with ducks and geese. When we arrive, it seems the ducks know we have bread and they want it. Watching kids feed bread to ducks is one of the cutest things in the world. We finish feeding the ducks, then take a nice long walk around the lake. While we are on our walk my meal time arrives. I brought some Kind snack bars with me. I am glad I brought them otherwise I would miss a meal. I always bring some sort of food with me when I leave. Especially if I know a meal time will arrive while I am gone.  After our walk we head back home, I have to meet with our insurance adjuster as a result of that hail storm.

I eat meal 3 when we get back. Now I wait for the insurance person. They won't be here for another hour. An hour goes by, they call and say another hour or so. I hate when you are given a window of time that someone will show up. We finish looking over our hail damage on the house etc, now another 45 minutes in their car doing paperwork. I have no choice but to wait and eat. Finally finished and it is well over dinner/meal 6 time. This really took a long time. If I go to the gym now I won't be back until bedtime for the kids. I will not do that. I guess I have to chalk this one down for a lost day. This happens sometimes and I don't worry about it too much, otherwise I will constantly be playing catch up. I have rules with meals and working out. If I miss either one, I don't make it up, I just keep going. Well today I missed a work out. I am aware that I could have gone this morning and so on but I was unaware this would take so long. I know what I could have done, all I care about is what needs to be done. I will enjoy my weekend off, resting my body. 

Since I am not going to the gym, I finish meal 6 then take a shower. In the shower I decide to do something I used to do all the time. I shave my arms. I like the way my arms look when they are shaved. During my days as a personal trainer and body builder, I always shaved them. It feels good to want to have them this way again. I also stay motivated to get lean when I see my veins bulging out. I really get motivated when I grab for something or when I tie my shoes and see veins in my arms. If you have ever wondered how your arms would look shaved, just do it. I love it and the reason bodybuilders etc do it, is because it looks awesome. Instead of working on my muscles today, I decide to shave them.

Thanks for reading


S.H.I.T.(Day 16)

Waking up now, 16 days later I feel great. I have more energy and desire to get up and get going. Let me start by saying I am not a morning person at all. I have always preferred the night. To feel good in the morning is a huge achievement. Getting out of bed I notice how tired my body feels. I am So Happy It's Thursday, this means I only have today and Friday before I get 2 days of rest. I am really looking forward to resting this week, my body is looking forward to it more.  My body is not sore, or achy, just tired and not moving very fast. I feel motivated, but my body would like to lay in bed all day. This means today is going to take a little convincing to keep on track and get to the gym. When I feel tired, the path of least resistance is avoid the gym.

Meal 1 is complete and now it is time to hang out with the kids while mommy gets her hair done. We play and I stretch on the floor. I like stretching throughout the day. I am sitting on the floor right now stretching my hamstrings. Stretching at home is the only way I can stretch properly. I feel too rushed at the gym, like I have too much to do in a set amount of time. When I am home, I can take my time and give myself a good stretch.

Mommy gets back and looks stunning as always. I am so happy she had an opportunity to get her hair done.

As soon as I walk into the gym all I can think about is how slow and sluggish I feel. This is going to be a ruff one but I just keep going.  I head over to my corner, and start with my core exercises. I do the plank and feel really strong, but no endurance. The exercise itself feels good, but my body is really not interested. I repeat this 3 times, holding as long as I can. Next I do the quadruped opposite arm leg raise. While doing this I notice my balance is getting better and my endurance has increased. This feels good and on the adduction I hold as long as I can, squeezing and balancing. I really miss my weights. Pumping iron is what I love to do in the gym, so let's give it a little go. I do a lat pull down, low row, and assisted pull ups.  It feels great to be doing resistance training again but I don't want to push it. I need to ease back into it, besides, what's the rush? This is a lifestyle change not a temporary change. I finish with my resistance training and head over to the treadmills.

I look at my normal treadmill and someone is camping on it. I feel like I am being cheated on, but they might of known each other before I came along. I guess I will have to choose a different machine to use today. I select a treadmill and it already feels unfamiliar. I don't know how I will manage, but I must find a way to get in 51 minutes. I hit the quick start, start walking, my laces start flinging up and hitting me in the shin. I don't know why this is so distracting but I must put an end to it. I take the loops of the strings, and stuff them in my shoe. The treadmill stops with 4 minutes on it, "END OF WORKOUT." What! I didn't finish my workout out at 4 minutes? The treadmill didn't sense anyone on it so it stopped. I guess that is what I get for letting it run for a few seconds while I fix my shoes. I push quick start again, it replies "please wait." For what? This machine and I are not getting along very well. We still have a lot more time to spend with each other, so let's sort out our differences. The belt finally moves and I am on my way with a fresh start. Now all I can think about is how the tv is tilted and the treadmill isn't aligned properly. It just isn't my normal machine that I have become so accustomed to using. During this session today, I feel very wore out and watching the minutes slowly tick by is torture. I really want to get off right now. The timer finally reads 45 minutes, I think about the 4 minutes I lost earlier and want to jump off early. Then I realize, what if I was messing with my shoe for longer than a few seconds. I will go all the way to 51, worst case I get 4 extra minutes. The timer reads 51 minutes, get me out of here. I leave and go to Sam's club before home.

I get to Sam's club and slowly walk in, wearing my sweaty gym clothes. The person at the front door probably thinks I ran here. While walking around all I can think about is eating and leaving. Those two thoughts are like a broken record in my mind. Eat, leave, eat, leave and so on. I grab a few things extra items because they just look yummy. Then I pass a person offering samples of great food.  I say, "no thank you." My mouth says no, but my body says yes please. I think the person could tell I really wanted a free sample. I mean, who turns down a free sample of yummy food? Oh well, I'm finished here, time to go home.

I'm home, get the car unloaded very quick, then my beautiful wife with her new hair color makes me the best meal 6/salad with rotisserie chicken I have ever eaten. Thank you babe, I love you.

Thanks for reading

Photo Update (Day 15)

Today is picture day. This is the first thing that pops into my mind today. I am very excited to take more comparison photos. I get out of bed and change into my jeans. I am ready to see if anything has changed. Sam grabs the camera and we snap a few photos. I am excited to see what these look like, so I load them in the computer right away. While they are loading into the computer, I head to the kitchen for my least favorite meal, meal 1. I grab the eggs, and some bread. Egg whites are cooking, bread is toasting, photos are loading. This is a good day so far. As soon as I finish eating, I feel the fire start burning and begin to get hungry. 

I am actually looking forward to the gym today. I felt like such a poo yesterday, that I feel the need to make it up today. When I finish looking at the pictures, I get on the ground and start stretching. I want to have a good day at the gym today, I don't want to deal with a cramping leg again on the treadmill. I hate stretching, I don't like it at all. I think it has to do mainly because I don't "see" the results when I stretch. I don't finish stretching, look in the mirror and think "now you look good from that!" I know it's extremely necessary, that doesn't mean I have to like doing it. I continue to stretch for a bit, watching the clock for my next meal.

Time for meal 2 which is a can of tuna and a slice of bread. I mix mustard in the tuna for flavoring. The mustard helps add a little flavor, with no added calories. It isn't something I ate before I started eating disciplined, but right now it is amazing. Meal 3, this is going in my belly right before I head to the gym, it's a half peanut butter sandwich. I love peanut butter, and could eat this whole jar right now. I finish eating my sandwich savoring every bite, then head to the gym.

I arrive, so far so good. I am still feeling very motivated and ready to go. I get inside and head to my corner where I have been doing all my exercises these past couple weeks. I start off with the plank. This hurts really bad, but my head is in the game and I keep at it for as long as I can. My mid section feels like everything is on fire. This feels good, it means something is working in order to keep me off the ground. I repeat this 3 times holding it as long as I can. I grab a stability ball, let the crunches begin. I do 20 reps, for 3 sets. That will do, because my abs feel like they are sliced up from the inside. Next is ball pushes with my knees on a stability disk. This changes things up by removing my leverage, and adding an unstable environment. I am all core right now, my hands are on a ball and my knees are on an inflated disc. I do 3 sets of 12. This was very, very hard. Pushup time, my feet are on the same stability ball and push. I start with 15, rest, 15 more, rest again, then I try for 20 and get 16. Not bad if you ask me, at least I tried. The resistance band is my next victim, and I do curls, with a back and shoulder routine in a circuit fashion. I repeat this 3 times. I do all of this in about 20 minutes, now I head to that terrible treadmill. 

Treadmill my buddy, you nearly defeated me yesterday, not today. I climb up ready for war. Hit the quick start button and fly. This feels good already, no problems, everything is smooth sailing. I am in the zone right away, I look down at the timer it is already half way. This is great, I am really happy to be cruising on this thing today. I think to myself, "eventually I will be doing 55 then 60 minutes, I should do 51 since I feel so good." I knew it, I feel a little good for one day and already making more work for myself. Well, 51 minutes it is. I'm not going to walk for 50 minutes, then quit with 1 minute to go. "Anyone can do 1 minute." The timer hits 51, and it is a success. Now I will be doing 51 minutes everyday, until I have another great idea. I hop off and head home.

I get home, have some oatmeal and think about how yummy it tastes. I really love this oatmeal, I think it is my favorite thing right now. I am finished and tell my wife that it is so nice outside and we should take the kids for a walk. So we bundle up the kids and head off to a great walking spot. This fitness lifestyle is giving me more energy. I am happy to have all I can get so I can give it to my family.

Here is my photo update, tell me what you think.
The photo on the left is the first day, the photo on the right is today.


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My Dream Body (Day 14)

This is going to be a bad day. I can tell right away, first thing this morning. I am not interested in a fitness lifestyle at all. I am over it. This is hard and I don't want to do it anymore. I then remember a picture I saw. This is what I want to look like while laying here. I get out of bed and realize  I won't get their by being lazy.
I made a decision, and I will stick to it. I start making Meal 1, egg whites and oatmeal. I know I am in trouble today, because my breakfast taste terrible. I eat my meal and it made me very hungry. I am in a poo mood and hungry. This is going to be one of those days. I will be fighting all day to stay focused, and motivated.

I need to prepare my meals for the day, so I get a bunch of yummy vegetables, chicken and rice. I cook enough for myself to eat meals for today and tomorrow. If you want to see how yummy it looks I posted a picture of it on my Instagram. Even though I am not feeling it at all today, the show must go on. I am amazed how some days I feel like an animal, uncaged and ready to get shredded at the gym. Then some days, eh, fat and unhealthy sounds fine to me, we all die of something. A fit lifestyle has so many ups and downs. My goals outweigh any and all excuses. Sometimes I am strongest, at my weakest.

I eat my meal 3 and it came from my delicious prepared chicken and veggie mix. This meal is so good. I wish I could eat a huge plate full. I finish eating, now it's time to head to the gym. I better go sooner than later, because I will find the smallest reason to skip today, like my headache that just appeared.  I get to the gym and don't feel very excited about being here, but I made it. I start off with stretching to warm up a little, then plank. I plank and tremble like it is the first day I have ever done this. What is going on with me today. I repeat this 3 times then move on.

Time for circuit training. I do crunches on a stability ball, 5# lateral raises, 4 sets, 10 reps, changing hand and body position each set, then ball squats for 15. I repeat this routine 3 times. The energy during this circuit is so low. I feel like my head is in the clouds. I would rather be somewhere else, doing something else. I can't really say what else I would rather be doing, but something else for sure. I finish my quick routine, now it is time for cardio.

Cardio, this is my least favorite thing to do when it comes to fitness. I have to stay in one place for a predetermined amount of time, sweating, aching, and going no where. The benefits of cardio are why I continue to spend 50 minutes of my life on a treadmill 5 days a week. I climb up on my same treadmill that I have been using each time. I am comfortable with this machine now and will be upset if someone is using it when I need it. I push the quick start button. As soon as I get going, I have to pee. So much for drinking all that water to help with my headache. It will just have to wait. I tell myself that taking a pee is my reward for 50 minutes of cardio. This seems a bit harsh, but I am afraid if I get off now at the 3 minute mark, I may not get back on. I already have tightness in my left hamstring. I must stretch in order to continue. I jump on the side rails, with the belt still moving and stretch my hamstring for a moment. I hop back on the belt and look down at the time, 5 minutes have passed. This is going to be a hellish 50 minute session. Time keeps ticking by slowly, and all I can think about is how my leg is starting to burn again and how much I need to pee. This is getting ridiculous. I hop off for a second time, stretch both legs then hop back on. I have successfully made it to the 10 minute mark. Already, I have been through so much. All I want to do is walk on a treadmill, is this to much to ask. My leg has stopped giving me issues, so I can focus a little better. I still have to pee and that isn't getting any better. When the timer reads 25 minutes I am relieved to be halfway finished. I have a new problem now. The first 25 minutes has been occupied with stretching, whining, stretching, and needing to pee. Now, I can't find any good music to groove to. I still have 25 minutes to go. I browse Spotify Radio for something good. I find nothing, I try 80's, electronic, rock, etc. Nothing is hitting the spot on any of the radio stations. I feel like I have a craving that can't be quenched unless I find the right music. I decide to make a Fleetwood Mac channel, and this actually hit the spot. It was groovy and calm. I have 20 minutes to go, a good channel and no cramping. I am looking forward to finishing so I can take a pee. The last 20 minutes didn't go very well, time was slow and my bladder is full. I did manage to finish and watch the timer hit 50 minutes. I have literally never been so relieved to finish cardio. I quickly make my way to the restroom, then head home.

When I get home I just want to eat. I grab that delicious instant oatmeal. Rip open 2 packets, hot water over top, mix, eat. This is my favorite meal right now. I ask my son if I can have a cup of coffee. I figure it is like a coin toss, he may say no, he may say yes. He says yes, I can have a cup of coffee. This cup of coffee is about 1 calorie. It won't do any damage to my day.